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2021-2022 Disneyland Paris Planning Guide

If you have your choice of dates and seasons for visiting Disneyland Paris, our strong recommendation would be to visit Disneyland Paris during spring, fall, or winter, particularly during shoulder seasons outside of France’s peak tourist seasons.
However, nothing is worth the poor weather and crowds.
If you aren’t a Disney fan and are just going for the sake of your kids or because it’s on your list of highlights near Paris, my recommendation would probably be to just go for 1 day, spending it entirely at Parc Disneyland, experiencing some of the best attractions, and enjoying the ambiance.
My assumption is that this was built as part of Disney’s agreement to bring a park to Paris…because there’s no other reason why little ‘ole Marne-la-Vallee would have a Eurostar station.
All of this is to say that the hotels of Val d’Europe are probably solid options if you don’t want to pay the insane prices of Disneyland Paris hotels.
We’ve used it several times in Europe, including a couple of times in Paris.
If dining isn’t so important or you don’t intend upon doing the research, skip the Disneyland Paris Meals.
It’s about what you’d expect from average counter service restaurants at Walt Disney World or Disneyland.
Earl of Sandwich is our favorite pick; it serves most of the same sandwiches as the Earl of Sandwich locations in the United States and is reasonably priced.
Seriously, this is really critical if you’re going to spend time on the rails or walking through Europe.
Still say please and thank you though.
Just ask the cast member near the exit usually and they will sort you out.