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2023 Disney World Resort Price Increases

Pinterest2023 Walt Disney World vacation packages and hotel reservations are now available, and we’ve spent significant time on DisneyWorld.com comparing room prices for next year to this year’s rack rates to assess price increases.
Our rationale with that last one is that guests booking these hotels are the most price-sensitive.
Most people paying $673 and up per night for Grand Floridian probably aren’t fixating on the price tag before booking–raising rates another ~$20 to $693 (actual prices) isn’t going to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
), that’s where we’re going to focus most of our attention.
While some years have two increases (with the second usually occurring in October), that would still make January 2023 the cheapest month to visit, with the lowest resort rack rates and what’ll likely be the cheapest prices on tickets and food, too.
While premium pricing for the Disney name and location is common at on-site resorts, you’d be hard-pressed to find a non-sketchy hotel room in Orlando for the low end of this price range.
Clearly, we are not alone…its popularity has exploded in the last few years.
Those have already been published for November and December 2023.
Will consumer confidence deteriorate in 2023 ?
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