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A defendant in the Capitol riot has been hit with new charges, including a plot to murder the law enforcement officers who looked into him

During their confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, the judges who would ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade reaffirmed the ...
...value of adhering to precedent but avoided directly answering the question of whether Roe was a correctly decided case.
According to some lawmakers, the justices who overturned Roe v. Wade misled them at their confirmation hearings.
A new court document claims that Edward Kelley, who was charged on January 6, obtained a list of more than 35 law enforcement officers who looked into him.
During their confirmation hearings, the justices who ruled against Roe discussed abortion
After that, according to the filing, Kelley talked about killing the officials with a friend.
According to the complaint, Edward Kelley, a 33-year-old Tennessee resident, obtained a list of law enforcement officers and, beginning on ...
...December 3, discussed assassination plans with Austin Carter, a 26-year-old, and a witness who later reported their actions to the police.
One of the first people to enter the Capitol grounds on January 6 was Kelley, who was previously charged for his involvement in the Capitol riot ...
...with seven other offenses, including assaulting, obstructing, or hindering law enforcement officers, civil disorder, and property destruction.
The complaint claims that a witness who was questioned by the FBI claimed that Carter received an envelope from Kelley on May 5, 2022, which contained ...
...a list of the names, positions held, and contact information for about 37 law enforcement officers who had been looking into Carter.
On December 3, the witness and Kelley met in a park in Maryville, Tennessee, where Kelley and Carter talked about their plans with the witness and Carter.
As a result of our small size, Kelley allegedly said, we will primarily carry out reconnaissance and assassination missions, one of which will involve an assault on federal agents.
The witness took Kelley's question about owning guns as a reference to assassinations. Kelley also promised to carry out more long-distance activities.
The witness claimed that Kelley instructed them to contact their police colleagues and see what details they could learn about the people on the list.
Law enforcement started recording calls between Kelley and Carter after the witness, a friend of theirs, handed them the ...
...letter on Tuesday. During these calls, the two discussed their plans to attack people at the Knoxville FBI Field Office.
Once you guys have enough people, you won't have time to train or coordinate, Kelley allegedly told the witness and Carter over the phone, but every hit has to hurt, according to the complaint.
A request for comment from Insider was not immediately reacted to by Marina Medvin, Kelley's attorney, who on Friday filed paperwork to withdraw from his case.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's husband was assaulted earlier this year by a man wielding a hammer who was allegedly ...
...looking for Pelosi. In recent years, Congressional lawmakers have reported an increase in threats against their lives.