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A report claims that US officials made an effort to prevent Ukraine from killing a senior Russian general who was on a perilous visit to the front lines

Injured people were evacuated from damaged apartment buildings after Russian President Vladmir Putin announced a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. Numerous Ukrainian cities were shelled.
American officials learned of Gerasimov's plans but chose to withhold the information from Ukraine because they were like, "Hey, that's too much," a senior American official told The Times.
As Russia begins a "full-scale invasion," missiles are fired at Ukraine
No one will survive, pro-Russian military commander Aleksandr Khodakovsky told The New York Times.
You're going to die using a weapon one way or another.
According to The Times, as the months went on and poorly trained Russian soldiers lost more battles and territory to Ukrainian forces, Russia began deploying its top generals to the front lines.
The Times reported that numerous Russian generals committed the "deadly error" of positioning themselves close ... antennae and communications hubs, making them simpler to locate, and Ukrainian forces started killing them.
Because it would "sharply escalate" the conflict, US officials withheld the information from Ukraine when Gerasimov made the decision to go to the front lines in April.
A senior American official told The Times that we advised them against doing it.
We were like, "Hey, that's too much." According to The Times, Ukraine decided to carry out the attack because the US's message was received too late. Dozens of Russians were killed in the attack.