Accordingtothechairman,acommitteewillrefercriminalcasesonJanuary6Accordingtothechairman,acommitteewillrefercriminalcasesonJanuary6Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

According to the chairman, a committee will refer criminal cases on January 6

The committee will meet later on Tuesday to discuss the specifics, Thompson told reporters at the Capitol. "At this point, there will be a separate document coming from me to DOJ," Thompson said.
According to a select committee spokesperson who spoke to The Associated Press, the committee has decided that recommendations to outside organizations should be taken into account as a final step in its work.
The committee will decide on specifics in the coming days. Although Congress can refer criminal cases to the Justice Department, federal prosecutors ultimately decide whether to press charges.
A number of Trump associates have been reported to the agency by the committee in the last year for defying congressional subpoenas, but only one of those cases—steven Bannon—has resulted in an indictment.
The panel, which is made up of two Republicans and seven Democrats, aimed to compile the most thorough documentation of what the lawmakers have dubbed Trump's ...
..."staggering betrayal" of his oath of office and his supporters' unprecedented attempt to prevent Congress from certifying Democrat Joe Biden's victory.
With the help of live and recorded testimony from members of Trump's family, his White House staff, and other allies, the ...
...committee assembled its case against the former president during a string of open hearings that started in early June.
After the previous hearing, the committee unanimously decided to demand documents and Trump's sworn testimony. Trump then filed a lawsuit against the panel.
Legislators don't seem to be fighting to get Trump to testify because the select committee is scheduled to disband at the end of the year.
But as Cheney and others have suggested, his criminal referral might end up being a much more compelling argument.