Afterbeingreinstated,DisneyCEOBobIgerspentmonthscriticizingBobChapek'sleadershipwhilemaintaininganoffice,accordingtoareportAfterbeingreinstated,DisneyCEOBobIgerspentmonthscriticizingBobChapek'sleadershipwhilemaintaininganoffice,accordingtoareportGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

After being reinstated, Disney CEO Bob Iger spent months criticizing Bob Chapek's leadership while maintaining an office, according to a report

According to the Wall Street Journal, Disney CEO Bob Iger spent months undermining Bob Chapek, his replacement. Despite being ...
...out of the office, he reportedly maintained an office and held meetings with Chapek's staff without consulting Chapek.
In November, Disney's board decided to rehire Iger as CEO, ending Chapek's two-year reign.
Iger kept his office at the company's Burbank, California headquarters, the report claims, despite resigning as CEO in 2020 and ostensibly leaving Disney altogether at the end of 2021.
According to Insider's Claire Atkinson, the decision was made in a matter of days after a senior executive contacted ...
...Iger. His return has been warmly received by staff members, with one executive comparing it to a "pipe dream.".
Earlier this month, the Journal reported that Iger was inundated with fans at Disneyland requesting selfies and autographs.
Price increases for food and park admission outpaced inflation, and the company started charging for previously free services like specific ...
...shuttles to the parks and the FastPass system that allowed visitors to skip some lines, according to Samantha Delouya of Insider.
The company's stock dropped the most in a single day the day after its most recent earnings call, during which it disclosed a $13 billion ...
...loss on its streaming business. Employees also objected to a reorganization that stripped creative executives of their authority.
A request for comment from Insider made outside of US business hours was not immediately answered by Disney or Iger.