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Ben Collins is not Allowed to Talk About Elon Musk On-Air by NBC News Due to "Disinformation."

According to a new report, NBC News forbade "disinformation" reporter Ben Collins from discussing Elon Musk on its airwaves because executives were worried that Collins' criticisms of ...
...the new Twitter CEO had crossed the line into personal attacks. This comes after Musk suspended a number of well-known journalists from the platform for reporting on his whereabouts.
Collins has been prohibited from discussing Musk on the airwaves of NBC and MSNBC, according to Semafor. Collins frequently writes and speaks in favor of banning unpopular public figures from major tech platforms.
After Collins spent weeks criticizing Musk for his decision to reinstate the accounts of several right-wing provocateurs and influencers, including Roger Stone and Laura Loomer, the ban was announced.
Collins made fun of Musk for not knowing that James Baker, Twitter's deputy general counsel, had previously worked as the FBI's general counsel, which prompted NBC executives to issue the directive.
Without Musk's knowledge, Baker is said to have reviewed the first installment of the "Twitter Files," a collection ...
...of internal documents that reveal the previous administration's system of politically biased content moderation.
Then, earlier this month, Twitter fired Baker, according to Matt Taibbi, one of the unbiased reporters Musk hired to compile ...
...and disseminate the "Twitter Files" to the general public. NBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Since last Thursday, Musk has banned the accounts of a large number of left-leaning journalists, including those of Drew Harwell of the Washington Post, Ryan Mac of the ...
...New York Times, and Donie O'Sullivan of CNN. Musk claims that these journalists exposed the real-time location of his private jet, putting him and his family in danger.
After seven days, the suspensions will be lifted, according to Musk.
Collins criticized the lock-outs on Twitter, maintaining a running list of the journalists who had their accounts suspended, ...
...most likely for their alleged direct or indirect involvement in the "doxxing" Musk claimed to have taken place.
NBC and other media outlets have been planning how to counter Musk's actions amid the account freezes.
The Times announced on Friday that it would be responding by canceling today's Twitter Space on the best books of 2022.