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A Love Story in Moments"

"Cassie and Alex Fine
Cassie and Alex Fine tied the knot in October 2019 and have been going strong ever since. They welcomed their first daughter, Frankie, two months after their wedding, and their second daughter, Sunny, in March 2021.
Cassie accused Diddy of violence and abuse in their relationship, but he denied the allegations. He claimed she demanded $30 million under the threat of writing a damaging book about their relationship and filed a baseless lawsuit seeking a payday.
Cassie announced her pregnancy with Fine and expressed her excitement to meet their baby girl.
Fine proposed to Cassie with a cowboy-themed proposal, and she was overwhelmed with emotion. She described feeling like she lost her sense of hearing and how special he made her feel that night.
Cassie and Fine had a backyard wedding in Malibu two months after getting engaged. They wanted a simple venue with a beautiful view that reflected their comfort and contentment with each other.
Cassie and Fine became parents with the birth of their daughter Frankie. They expressed their unconditional love and adoration for their family and emphasized the importance of slowing down and enjoying each other.
Cassie announced her second pregnancy, sharing a video of Frankie rubbing her baby bump as Fine held her hand.
Cassie and Fine welcomed their second daughter, Sunny, and expressed their love for her in a series of Instagram photos.
Fine celebrated his 30th birthday, expressing gratitude for his wife and two daughters.
Cassie expressed her love for Fine, emphasizing his big heart, sense of humor, and ability to make her laugh. She thanked him for loving her and proclaimed her love for him.