DanaCarvey'sSon,Dex,PassesAwayat32:ATragicReminderoftheDangersofDrugOverdoseDanaCarvey'sSon,Dex,PassesAwayat32:ATragicReminderoftheDangersofDrugOverdoseGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Dana Carvey's Son, Dex, Passes Away at 32: A Tragic Reminder of the Dangers of Drug Overdose

Dana Carvey's son, Dex, tragically passed away at the age of 32 due to an accidental drug overdose.
Dex Carvey's untimely death has left his family and friends devastated.
The cause of Dex Carvey's death was determined to be an accidental drug overdose.
Dex Carvey was only 32 years old at the time of his passing.
The tragic loss of Dex Carvey serves as a reminder of the dangers of drug overdose.
Dana Carvey, a well-known comedian and actor, is mourning the loss of his son Dex.
Accidental drug overdoses continue to be a major issue in society.
Dex Carvey's death highlights the need for increased awareness and support for those struggling with addiction.