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Ticket Sales Stopped, Water Park Closure, AP Perks

Disney World News
It’s time for another Walt Disney World news roundup!
If park hours end up being extended due to heavier crowd projections in February (what we’re expecting), this potentially boxes Magic Kingdom into closing earlier on Friday.
Lows are in the low 50s or upper 40s for most of the extended forecast.
It’ll be performed daily at 12
The ticket calendar shows today through November 26 as being unavailable to purchase, which tracks with the Disney Park Pass reservation calendar.
From the outside, it’s difficult to say what’s Disney’s fault and what’s a larger issue, so I won’t attempt to ascribe “blame” for this or that.
In the case of APs, Disney could’ve kept selling until no reservations were available for months–as is the case at Disneyland.
To the contrary, from what we’ve seen so far this week, theyshould’ve capped things lower than they have.
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