Empty streets, cranes

The city built for Qatar's World Cup

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Fans drink beer as they watch the match from a fan zone in Doha. No alcohol is being sold inside the stadiums during the World Cup. Qatar tightly regulates alcohol sales and usage. (CNN)
Wide empty streets, idle lobbies and construction cranes are everywhere in the sleek district 20 kilometers (12 miles) north ...
...of the capital, Doha, built to accommodate World Cup fans and hundreds of thousands of host nation Qatar’s residents.
Moments from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (New York Post)
But with soccer’s biggest event underway, the empty futuristic city is raising questions about how much use the infrastructure Qatar ...
...built for the event will get after more than a million soccer fans leave the small Gulf Arab nation after the tournament.
“We came to check it out but there’s not much here,” Garcia said, looking up at a huge crescent-shaped skyscraper behind him designed to look like the curved swords on Qatar’s national emblem.
Arabs shun Israeli media at Qatar World Cup, cooling hopes of a thaw (REUTERS)
“Everything looks like it’s under construction,” Garcia said.
“It's just empty lots with little walls they put up to make you think it's up and running.” Wide avenues give way to zigzagging buildings, glass domes and clusters of neoclassical housing blocks.
Most are advertised as luxury hotels, apartments or commercial office space.
“Even on the metro, if you go on a day when there’s not a match, there are like five to 10 people on it besides you,” Garcia said.
A split image of the "woke" t-shirts found in a closet at Twitter headquarters. (Fox News)
“This is a totally man-made island,” Burt-Riley said, "it’s pretty crazy what they can do.” Follow Suman Naishadham on Twitter: @SumanNaishadham.