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Following a World Cup victory, a former Miss Croatia teases Japanese fans with a sushi video

After Croatia's victory over Japan at the World Cup in Qatar on Monday, Croatian model Ivana Knoll teased Japanese fans by posting a video of herself eating sushi.
With an Instagram post that included images of herself in front of the same sushi rolls before their match, Knoll, 30, had earlier in the day mocked Japan's national football team, known as the Samurai Blue.
Japan, we are ready for you, the Croatian-born German captioned the picture with a sushi emoji.
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Only sushi is on the menu today, Knoll captioned a video of herself eating sushi rolls she had posted on Instagram after Croatia's high-stakes victory.
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The model was questioned on Instagram by another user who wondered if she only shared the video because Croatia defeated Japan.
Thanks for the fantastic match, I'm your fan in Japan, an Instagram user from that country wrote.
I am a fan of the Croatian team.
One Instagram user wrote, "Japan still showed what Asian football is, literally, kudos to them."
Although you were fortunate to win on penalties, another user noted that Japan played better.
in order to respect others.
Just so you know, they took the picture because they didn't like the way she was dressed in relation to our culture, not because they liked her, he wrote.
Any Qatari living nearby can attest to this.
Since I'm not a Muslim and Europe respects the hijab and niqab, I felt that they should also respect our way of life and religion. ...
...In the end, I was wearing dresses and bikinis because I'm a Catholic from Croatia who is visiting for the World Cup, Knoll said.