Genie+ Collapsing in Crowds at Disney WorldGenie+ Collapsing in Crowds at Disney Worldlarge_vertical_linelarge_vertical_line

Genie+ Collapsing in Crowds at Disney World

As previously covered, it’s the busiest week of the year at Walt Disney World (so far).
I’ve been working on testing and researching that for a few weeks, and know I’m not the only one (I received multiple emails about it).
I’ve noted that the attraction with the highest capacity allocation appears to be–to me, at least–Toy Story Mania, which tracks with it having more Lightning Lane availability than most other attractions.
That frees up more capacity to be allocated to the standby line.
This is nothing new to the Genie+ system; FastPass did the same thing.
The part that’s new is Star Wars
Rise of the Resistance being less reliable and more popular than a normal attraction, meaning that it’s possible to get really unlucky with the posted v. actual standby wait if your timing is off.
Due to it being the busiest week of the year, standby wait times are also really high.
My guess is that Genie+ will continue to be tweaked throughout the holiday season, perhaps even this week.
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