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Have soldiers lost the ability to use a compass and map

Land navigation was reinstated after a lapse of about four years. BLC is a 22-day school for Army junior leaders to advance to the rank of sergeant.
Young noncommissioned officers are supposed to learn about the service's policies at the school, including the legal ...
...framework, the paperwork requirements for awards, and sexual assault awareness and prevention initiatives.
According to Command Sgt, however, only 50% of the 914 soldiers who have completed the training have passed that part of the BLC. As of right now, passing is not necessary in order to graduate.
Katherine Kuzminski, senior fellow and program director for military, veterans, and society at the Center for a New American Security, a Washington, ...
...DC-based think tank, told Militarycom that land navigation is an essential military skill regardless of whether you are in the combat arms.
It's going to be more and more of a problem for the military because this generation grew up with GPS. Soldiers need to know how to navigate, especially in a degraded environment.
Shallow land navigation abilities haven't had as much of an impact on the service's elite schools, despite the fact that the BLC soldiers are sort of a representative sample of the general rank and file.
According to Army statistics, only 6% of students at Ranger School fail their navigational tests. These schools include Schofield Barracks in Hawaii, Fort Stewart in Georgia, and Fort Drum in New York.
According to Hendrex, light infantry will stay more on the roads.
Therefore, the more you stay on the roads, the more your unit and organization are at risk, and we can observe this in action in our centers.
But today's soldiers heavily rely on GPS for both training and daily life, making maps seem cumbersome.
The military additionally unveiled the Expert Soldier Badge in 2019, which is a version of the test that infantrymen have been ...
...taking for years to gauge their proficiency in fundamental combat abilities like land navigation and weapon proficiency.