Israeli-Palestinian conflict catches up with Qatar World CupIsraeli-Palestinian conflict catches up with Qatar World Cup

Israeli-Palestinian conflict catches up with Qatar World Cup

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — It was uncharted territory for the Israeli journalist.DOHA, Qatar (AP) — It was uncharted territory for the Israeli journalist.
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DOHA, Qatar (AP) — It was uncharted territory for the Israeli journalist.
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Wandering through the rustic outdoor marketplace in Doha before the start of the World Cup, he zeroed in on a Qatari man in ...
...his traditional headdress and white flowing robe and asked for an interview. A split-second later, the interview was over.
Controversy has followed Israelis and Palestinians pouring into Doha, revealing just how entrenched and emotive their violent ...
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...century-old conflict remains, including Israel's open-ended occupation of lands Palestinians want for a future state.
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Many Israeli fans marvel over the intriguing novelty of being in a country that has no diplomatic relations with Israel.
“My friends and family thought it could be dangerous but it’s fine,” said Eli Agami, an aviation executive who lives near Tel Aviv.
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“I don't go around telling people but I think no one cares if you're Israeli or you're Jewish. Everyone just cares about the game.”
“We want to avoid any friction with other fans and local authorities,” said Alon Lavie, a member of the delegation, citing ...
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...legions of fans from Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries either hostile or frosty toward Israel now flooding Qatar.
“We want to remind (Israelis) ... you don't need to shove your fingers in other people's eyes.”
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“We have received many, many questions and requests,” said Rabbi Mendy Chitrik, who oversees the effort. He said he ...
...advises Israeli fans to hide their Jewish kippas and ditch their Stars of David so as not to provoke hostility.
“I was so excited to come in with an Israeli passport, thinking it was going to be something positive,” he said.
“It's sad, it's unpleasant. People were cursing and threatening us.”
“We want everyone to know about the occupation and what people experience in Palestine so that more people support us,” said 26-year-old marcher Sarah Shadid.
“I’m a little bit upset,” she said, adding she was sure their presence was not Qatar's choice.
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“I am here as a reminder that in 2022, our land is still occupied," said Moawya Maher, a 31-year-old businessman from Hebron, a particularly tense West Bank city.
“I suppose it's a miserable situation. But I'm also proud.”