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Jeffrey Donovan Bows Out of 'Law and Order' Season 23

Jeffrey Donovan is leaving Law & Order after season 22 due to creative reasons.
Donovan began portraying Detective Frank Cosgrove in 2022 when the show returned for season 21.
Jeffrey Donovan joined Law & Order along with other new cast members last year.
Anthony Anderson left the show after season 21 and was replaced by Mehcad Brooks as Detective Jalen Shaw in season 22.
Donovan expressed gratitude towards Anthony Anderson for creating buzz around the show's first season.
Mehcad Brooks is excited to continue the legacy of Law & Order and use the show to facilitate conversations between the Black community and police.
Law & Order is searching for a new cast member to fill the void left by Jeffrey Donovan.
Season 23 of Law & Order is expected to return in 2024.