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"Keke Wyatt's Family

Meet Her Beautiful Children"

Keke Wyatt is a proud mom of 11.
The singer became a mom in 2000 when she and then-husband Rahmat Morton welcomed son Keyver.
The Indiana native went on to give birth to Rahjah and Ke’Tarah before her relationship with her former road manager went south.
The former couple, who wed in 2000 when the songwriter was 18, called it quits in 2009 while Wyatt was pregnant.
She suffered a stillbirth that same year, naming her baby girl Heaven.
The R&B Divas: Atlanta alum moved on with Michael Ford, and the now-exes share Ke’Mar, Wyatt and Ke’Yoshi.
Wyatt also became the stepmother of the minister’s child from a previous relationship, Ke’Mar.
Wyatt’s son Rahjah was battling cancer in 2017 when Ford filed for divorce from the former reality star, who was pregnant with her eighth child at the time.
Their divorce was finalized the following year.
Ford began dating American Idol’s Paris Bennett, while Wyatt wed Zackariah Darring in 2018.
The couple welcomed son Ke’Riah in January 2020 and welcomed their second child together, Ke’Zyah, in May 2022.
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