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Kenan Thompson's Daughters Join Him at 'Good Burger 2' Premiere in NYC

Kenan Thompson Takes His 2 Daughters to the Good Burger 2 Premiere in New York City
Kenan Thompson had two very special dates for the Good Burger 2 premiere: his children.
Wisdom was so excited to see Thompson that she jumped into his arms for a hug on the red carpet.
Despite his health scare, Mitchell was in positive spirits at the premiere.
Thompson shared his happiness that his longtime friend and colleague was out of the hospital.
Thompson and Mitchell also starred in the original 1997 Good Burger movie.
For the sequel, Dexter and Ed reunite at their former workplace.
Good Burger 2 debuts on Paramount+ on Wednesday, November 22.
The following day, the two stars will ride in the Burgermobile from the film in the 97th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.
This is a very busy week for Thompson, who in addition to his SNL duties has another film opening on Friday, November 17.