Kylie Jenner Claps Back After Being Accused Of Posting Pics Of Her Son To Distract people From Balenciaga Scandal.

Kylie Jenner denied using her son to 'cover up' for Balenciaga, after fans criticized her sister Kim Kardashian's response to the fashion brand's latest scandal.
Kylie Jenner and the rare photos of her 9-month-old son have been dragged into the Balenciaga scandal.
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A TikToker wrote, “Kris Jenner telling her kids to release the good photos after the Balenciaga scandal,” in reference to Kylie and Kim’s recent posts.
Many other social media users similarly accused Kylie and her family members of trying to draw attention away from Balenciaga.
“uh whyyyyy would i post my child to cover up for balenciaga? this is why i don’t do this, always something to say,” Kylie wrote. The reality star rarely posts her son and daughter Stormi Webster, 4, on social media.
On November 28, Balenciaga broke its silence and said, “We strongly condemn child abuse; it was never our intent to include it in our narrative. The two separate ad campaigns in question reflect a series of grievous errors for which Balenciaga takes responsibility.”