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Lukashenko calls on Kyiv for peace negotiations

Complete destruction will follow

Aleksandr Lukashenko, the self-proclaimed president of the Republic of Belarus, has stated that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, should stop ...
Ukraine live briefing: Zelensky urges U.N. to condemn 'energy terror' after Russia strikes Kyiv (The Washington Post)
...and enter into peace negotiations with the aggressor country, Russia, if he wants to avoid huge casualties and the complete destruction of Ukraine.
Ukraine grid operator: damage from Russian attacks 'colossal' (REUTERS)
Quote from Lukashenko: "Everything is in the hands of Ukraine. Not because I want to push this issue to Zelenskyy and Ukraine. ...
...Indeed, everything is now in the hands of Ukraine. If they do not want numerous deaths of people. It must be stopped."
Lukashenko has also stated that 30 million people died during the Second World War [losses of the USSR - ed.
The self-proclaimed president is sure that the same will happen with relations with Ukrainians, and the aggressor country ...
Cold and dark: Kyiv readies for 'worst winter of our lives' (The Washington Post)
...and its satellite states "probably will be able to explain to the Ukrainian people what had happened, even now".
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