McCarthy'sbidforspeakerhasthepotentialtorocktheHousefromthestartMcCarthy'sbidforspeakerhasthepotentialtorocktheHousefromthestartGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

McCarthy's bid for speaker has the potential to rock the House from the start

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The worry is that if we falter early on, according to Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., a supporter of McCarthy, the voters who sent the Republicans to Washington will revolt and feel let down.
When that happened, it ultimately took a grueling nine votes to win the gavel, but McCarthy also admits the holdouts won't budge.
The ability to control their online personas and fund their own campaigns has allowed average lawmakers to rise to the status of political stars.
House members are less dependent on party leaders to grant favors in exchange for support than they once were.
Jeffrey A Jenkins, a professor at the University of Southern California and co-author of Fighting for the Speakership, questioned whether ...
...he wanted to be remembered as the first speaker candidate in 100 years to have to go to the floor and essentially give up.
But if he manages to conjure up this rabbit, you never know—maybe he really does possess more of the necessary qualities.
As a result of Boehner and Ryan's early retirement, the Freedom Caucus members and others want assurances that they will be able ... participate in the creation of legislation from the ground up and have the chance to amend legislation during floor debates.
Roy told reporters at the Capitol on Thursday that we are still a long way from fixing this institution in the way that it requires fixing.
For McCarthy, the question is whether, even if he yields to the conservatives' various demands, it will be sufficient for them to stop opposing his leadership.
One of the holdouts, Rep. Bob Good, R-Va, said, "I don't think he's going to get to 218 votes.".
I am eagerly anticipating the day when he steps aside for the good of the nation and the Congress so that we can consider alternative candidates.
One conservative governance caucus leader, Dusty Johnson, R-South Dakota, said: "Anyone who thinks that the holdouts are going to be bullied into compliance doesn't understand how this town works.".
You must cross the finish line, I advise Kevin, Upton said.
You cannot fold the cards; you must force these people to vote, and vote often.