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Tori Spelling's New Man and Dean McDermott's Reaction

Meet Ryan Cramer
Tori Spelling is dating Ryan Cramer after her split from Dean McDermott. Their romance started a few months ago when they met through work. McDermott announced their separation in June after 18 years together and 5 children.
McDermott confirmed the breakup in October and Spelling was seen with Cramer on November 1 in Los Angeles.
Cramer is the CEO and creative director of the Neuron Syndicate advertising agency. He co-founded the company in 2001 and previously worked for Microsoft and Toyota/Lexus.
Cramer is also a street photographer and portrait artist.
Spelling and McDermott have 5 children together. McDermott expressed that his kids like Ryan and that's important to him.
McDermott admitted that seeing Spelling with Cramer was hurtful, but he acknowledged that Ryan is a good and smart man.