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North Korea claims that the first spy satellite was tested with a rocket launch

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea announced Monday that it had successfully launched a test satellite as part of a crucial final-stage test for ...
...the creation of its first spy satellite, a crucial military capability coveted by Kim Jong Un along with other cutting-edge weaponry systems.
According to KCNA, the test satellite's imaging and data transmission systems were evaluated after the rocket carrying it was launched on Sunday.
The test results were hailed by the nation's National Aerospace Development Administration as a significant achievement after they had passed the final gateway procedure for the launch of a reconnaissance satellite.
According to KCNA, it promised that by April of the following year, all of the preparations for its first military reconnaissance satellite would be finished.
Soo Kim, a security analyst at the RAND Corporation in California, said that based on the images that have been made public, the resolution does not seem to be particularly impressive for military reconnaissance.
However, I should point out that this is probably a continuing development, so over time, we might see more advancements in North Korea's military reconnaissance capabilities.
Before touching down in the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, the two missiles, according to the report, traveled a total distance of 550 kilometers (340 miles), or approximately 500 kilometers.
This might imply that North Korea fired a missile or two to launch the test satellite.
In addition to multi-warhead missiles, solid-fueled long-range missiles, underwater-launched nuclear missiles, and nuclear-powered submarines, ...
...Kim listed a spy satellite on his wish list of high-tech military equipment at a meeting of the ruling party early last year.
In an apparent reference to US-led sanctions and the US-South Korean military drills, which North Korea views as a practice for an invasion, Kim has called for ...
...the development of such cutting-edge weaponry as well as an increased nuclear arsenal to put pressure on the US to end its hostile policies toward North Korea.
Since then, North Korea has taken action to advance the development of such weapons systems. In February and March, ...
...North Korea claimed to have tested a camera and data transmission system that would be used on a spy satellite.
It tested its longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-17, in November. This weapon is thought to be built to carry multiple warheads.
One of the most significant state anniversaries in North Korea is this week, and the country last week claimed to have tested a "high-thrust solid-fuel motor" for a new strategic weapon.
Additionally, it passed legislation authorizing the preemptive use of nuclear weapons in a variety of situations, raising concerns about security in South Korea and elsewhere.
By codifying his nation's nuclear law earlier this year, conducting missile tests with a range of different capabilities, and making it abundantly clear that he has ... interest in engaging in diplomatic relations with the US and South Korea, Kim has essentially opened the door for nuclearization, according to analyst Soo Kim.
He has given the impression that accepting the regime's demands would be the only way for the world to escape this mess.
She claimed that a few other crucial geopolitical issues involving China and Russia have given Kim the opportunity to gain the support of the international community and buy time.