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Russia-Ukraine Conflic

Putin Admits Ukraine Conflict "Might Be a Long Process"
Volodymyr Zelensky and the Ukrainian spirit are TIME's 2022 Person of the Year (PoY) https://tco/06Y5fuc0fG
In contrast to the Kremlin's blitzkrieg rhetoric at the beginning of the invasion, Mr. Putin said during a televised meeting that the war in Ukraine might be a lengthy process.
The Russian leader said that under these circumstances, any talk of additional mobilization efforts is absurd.
For the state and the Defense Ministry, this is not necessary.
According to Abbas Gallyamov, a political scientist who once wrote speeches for Mr. Putin but has since broken with ...
...him, the people are growing weary of the conflict, and Putin is aware that a protracted conflict cannot be popular.
He is demonstrating that he has enough men to last through the winter in an effort to avoid a second wave of mobilization.
According to Mr. Gallyamov, the Kremlin is betting that the winter weather will lessen the ferocity of the fighting and that the conflict will eventually ...
...devolve into an attrition war in Russia's favor as the reduction in Russian energy exports to Europe gradually erodes Western support for Ukraine.
The mobilization was complicated and ineffective, and some people grumbled about having to buy their own uniforms and equipment.
This is an important outcome, said Mr. Putin, referring to his decision in September to annexe four Ukrainian provinces, a move that was denounced as illegal by Ukraine and its international allies.
Even though the risk of nuclear war was increasing, he claimed that Russia was not insane and would not brandish its nuclear arsenal like a razor.
She claimed that he views this as his historical mission and the cross weighing on his shoulders.
He has nothing to offer the populace.
Markets, bus stops, gas stations, and residential buildings were all targeted by the Russian occupiers, according to Mr. Kyrylenko's post, adding that this is yet another crime committed by the Russians on our territory.
Just west of the Donetsk Province capital, in an agricultural area, is Kurakhove.
The Lawn Tennis Association, a British organization, criticized the punishment in a statement as demonstrating an unexpected lack of understanding for the situation ... Ukraine and failing to take into account the unique circumstances brought on by Russia's invasion and the response from the international sporting community.
Volker Türk, the UN human rights commissioner, stated in a statement that there are compelling signs that the summary executions detailed in the report constitute the war crime of willful killing.
Accountability must be ensured as soon as possible because the victims and survivors of these violations have a right to the truth, justice, and restitution.
After the Russians left the area around Kiev, the Ukrainian authorities found more than a thousand bodies.
The bodies of dead civilians were discovered on streets, in fields, parks, forested areas, houses, in burned vehicles on highways, in basements and pits, and in improvised graves, according to the report, which ...
...stated that soon after the retreat of Russian troops from various towns and villages, local residents, authorities, and law enforcement started to recover bodies of dead civilians in considerable numbers.
According to the report, the majority of victims of murders committed in detention facilities were discovered with their hands bound ... duct tape or handcuffs and injuries that suggested they had been subjected to torture or other ill treatment before their deaths.
In graphic detail, the report described some murders.
The wife buried both victims that day in the yard, according to the report.
The report cited witnesses and claimed that the second boy, who was able to speak, asked about his injury, "Does it look bad?"
Their Lives and Deaths: Three Women of Bucha
Another Russian soldier captive was discovered shot in the head in a cellar, and an 81-year-old grandmother was found hanged in her garden, possibly killed or perhaps driven to suicide.
The liberation of every square meter of Luhansk comes at a high cost, Mr. Haidai claimed on the messaging app Telegram as Ukrainian forces made ...
...a gradual advance toward Svatove. This is because Russian forces were utilizing both newly mobilized troops and equipment reserves, he added.
Serhiy Cherevaty, a spokesman for the army's eastern forces, said on Ukrainian television this week that the cold weather and frozen ...
Time's person of the year is Zelensky
...ground will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to quicken the pace of their counteroffensive in the east of the country.
The Russian attack there was ultimately repelled by Ukrainian forces.
He claimed that Putin had declared war on both Ukraine and the democratic world as a whole.
One battered town keeps time with the sounds of war
He wants to destroy our nation and everything we have worked so hard to build, but the Ukrainian people are strong, as we are aware.
Days are primarily measured by volume rather than by time.
But they continue to fire every day. Shelling is generally considered to be background noise until it isn't. The seriousness ...
...of a salvo of distant thuds—emitting rockets—can be determined by considering distance, direction, and volume.
They're firing from our boys, she exclaimed.
This thing will travel a long way if it is pointed straight ahead, according to Mr. Barrie.
However, he noted that it is still a fairly primitive weapon, and barring incredibly lucky circumstances, you won't be able to cause much harm.
Up until this point, the Ukrainians have been fairly cautious to avoid trying to penetrate deeply into Russian territory, according to Mr. Barrie.
Consequently, you use this as a sort of symbolic action Military officials in Ukraine and among its allies have been painting the conflict with ...
...Russia as a foreshadowing of automated conflict, with robots and remote-controlled weapons handling much of the fighting, for months now.