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Tax fraud trial finds Trump Organization guilty

A New York jury determined that the Trump Organization, a collection of companies owned by the former president Donald Trump, had committed tax fraud and other offenses.
On Tuesday, the second day of the jury's deliberations, the panel's verdict was announced in New York's Supreme Court.
Considering the size of the businesses, the Trump Organization could be required to pay fines of up to $16 million.
Allen Weisselberg, a former chief financial officer who had been employed by the Trump Organization since 1973, provided the testimony on which the prosecution based its case.
The Trump Organization stood to gain from Weisselberg's illegal activity, according to the prosecution, which referred to him as a "high managerial agent" for the business.
According to Susan Necheles, an attorney for the Trump Organization, "We are here today for one reason and one reason only: the greed of Allen Weisselberg."
Trump, who wasn't charged personally in the matter, denied knowing about the scheme.