The 5 best restaurants with mind blowing art collections.

Located in the heart of Overtown, Red Rooster serves amazing food while celebrating the roots of American cuisine, local artists, musicians and culinary talents.
Red Rooster Overtown in Miami
The unique gastro-brasserie conceived by Turner Prize of this restaurant pushes the boundaries of art. About 239 drawings cover the dining room's walls. The menu is devised and complemented with award-winning wines.
Sketch Gallery in London
Atlas in Atlanta
Atlas brings an innovative approach to traditional cooking with each dish telling a story. The restaurant walls are covered in 20th-century art from the world’s most recognized artists like Monet, Soutine and Picasso.
Piqniq in Hong Kong
This beautiful roofto is one of the coolest spaces in town. Sitting on the top floor of H Queen’s, Piqniq is fully decked out in beanbags, fairy lights, vibrant artworks and an amazing views of the surrounding Central area.
Their food is a narration of the Italian landscape, collision of ideas, techniques, and cultures. Here art is an invitation to discover
Osteria Francescana in Modena