Top 5 best underground attractions in the world

Turda is the world’s most spectacular underground formation shaped by man. Created in a special natural environment, in the depths of Transylvania, digged by man a million years ago. The salt from Turda Mine could cover the salt requirement for the entire Planet for 60 years, if it were necessary.
Salina Turda, Romania
The beauty of the volcano mostly consists in the various colors found inside it and the intimidating size. The ground space is equivalent to almost three full-sized basketball courts and the height could easily fit full sized Statue of Liberty into the chamber. So make no mistake, it’s very huge
Thrihnukagigur, Iceland
This cave was build from the Basalt that was accumulated in the form of igneous rocks. These rocks were accumulated as a result of the volcanic eruptions. There are a number of paintings in the Ajanta caves that majorly consists of Mural paintings that were made during the phases of construction of the caves
Ajanta Caves, India
Derinkuyu, Turkey
Derinkuyu is the deepest excavated underground city of Turkey. A beautiful natural wonder with impressive fairy chimneys and eroded caverns. It is also riddled with secret tunnel passages that various people utilized for shelter across the centuries.
Under, Norway
There might be other places where you can enjoy food underwater, but they look like aquariums compared to Under. This submarine restaurant is the world’s largest of its kind. Striking architecture, beautiful interior, and gourmet food have made it an international sensation.