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The man who killed 8 members of another Ohio family will receive sentencing

At his Monday sentencing hearing, a man convicted of killing eight members of another southern Ohio family could receive a life sentence without the possibility of parole.
Death of an Ohio family
The main issue is whether or not 31-year-old George Wagner IV will be eligible for parole, and if so, when. A Pike County judge may first hear testimony from the victims' families before making a decision.
Authorities claimed Wagner, his brother, and their parents planned the murders in response to a quarrel over Wagner's niece, whose mother was one of those killed.
Residents in that remote area of Ohio were terrified by the shootings that occurred in April 2016 at three mobile homes and a camper, which at first raised questions about possible involvement of a drug cartel.
Prosecutors claim Wagner exhibits no remorse and should be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole based on the multimillion-dollar investigation and prosecution that followed.
According to them, he should have been executed and that the only reason he was spared was due to his brother's misdeeds and not his own.
Wagner, according to the prosecution, went inside the homes with his father and brother when they arrived and assisted his brother in moving two bodies.
In conjunction with the sentencing, a hearing on that request is scheduled for Monday before Judge Randy Deering. Wagner's attorneys list two main justifications in the request.
One relates to the jury being chosen for a potential capital case even though the prosecution would later drop the request for ...
...the death penalty. Her husband, George "Billy" Wagner III, has pleaded not guilty to the killings and is awaiting trial.