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Bffs On and Off-Screen in Hallmark's Holiday Movies"

"Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker
Tyler Hynes and Andrew Walker have been friends for nearly two decades.
“We talk weekly,” Walker exclusively told Us Weekly in February 2023 of Hynes, who is his wife Cassandra Troy’s cousin.
In November 2021, the two actors finally made cameos in each other’s Hallmark holiday films and one year later, Hynes and Walker costarred in their first joint Hallmark movie, Three Wise Men and a Baby.
“It was the best-case scenario to work with Tyler [who] is my wife’s cousin,” Walker exclusively told Us in February 2023 of the 2022 film.
“And then [costar] Paul [Campbell], you know, wrote this insane script with Kimberley [Sustad] and they were already they doing incredible things.”
Scroll down to see some of Hynes and Walker’s BFF moments: