UmanskySlams'RHOBH'forExaggeratingRichards'Separation-TellsHaterstoBackOff!UmanskySlams'RHOBH'forExaggeratingRichards'Separation-TellsHaterstoBackOff!Giphy GIFGiphy GIF

Umansky Slams 'RHOBH' for Exaggerating Richards' Separation - Tells Haters to Back Off!

Mauricio Umansky declares his marriage with Kyle Richards is nobody's business and criticizes the portrayal of their relationship on RHOBH.
Umansky confirms their separation and emphasizes the need for time and privacy to work things out.
The couple's marital struggles are being showcased on RHOBH season 13, but Umansky believes the show is not accurately portraying their relationship.
Umansky chooses not to watch the show to avoid unnecessary noise and opinions from viewers.
Umansky expresses his frustration with the speculation and gossip surrounding their relationship but acknowledges their status as public figures.
The couple cannot control the public's interest but desires privacy to navigate their marriage.