Walker,Bellinger,andBellmove;HanigerisaddedbytheGiants,perAPsourcesWalker,Bellinger,andBellmove;HanigerisaddedbytheGiants,perAPsourcesGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

Walker, Bellinger, and Bell move; Haniger is added by the Giants, per AP sources

Baseball at the Winter Meeting
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Cole Kuiper read an article about Aaron Judge's potential signing with the San Francisco Giants on Twitter. Cole called Giants broadcaster Duane Kuiper to let him know the good news.
Cole had to return to his father who was on vacation after the report had been changed.
Cole Kuiper wrote on Twitter on Tuesday, "I called him to let him know Judge is a Giant, but now I can't reach him to update him on the retraction.
According to super agent Scott Boras, this market is extremely competitive, especially for elite players.
Marmol described Contreras, who started his major league career with the Cubs, as a person who loves to win and spends both his waking and sleeping hours thinking about it.
And we've seen quite a bit about how Bell, who played for Washington and San Diego last season, batted 266 with 17 home ...
...runs and 71 RBIs in 156 games before signing a $435 million, three-year contract with the San Francisco Giants.
With a 92-70 record and its first AL Central championship since 2018, Cleveland is coming off a surprising 2022 campaign.
The Bell contract was confirmed by a person with knowledge of the negotiations, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the agreement was subject to a review of the patient's medical records.
The Los Angeles Dodgers released Bellinger on November 18 after the 27-year-old outfielder hit 210 with 19 home runs, 150 strikeouts, and a 654 OPS in 144 games. Bellinger was the 2019 NL MVP.
David Ross, the Cubs manager, said they have a history of great success and strong defense.
I recall him having first base, smooth hands, an active center fielder, and great outfield skills when he first entered the league. ...
...He didn't enjoy the same level of success as he did in the beginning, but he had a lot of potential to become a great player.
According to Farhan Zaidi, San Francisco's president of baseball operations, there was mutual interest, which is essentially what you need to make these deals.
Heaney went 4-4 with a 310 ERA in 16 games, 14 starts, during his two and a half seasons with New York, which began in 2017. Kahnle had a 284 ERA in 13 relief appearances.
Zaidi said, "I probably won't speak to that today."
It's very noisy, so something must have been out there.
We haven't heard anything, so there's a lot of uncertainty at the moment, according to Boone. AP Baseball Writers Ben Walker and Ronald Blum contributed to this report.