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Warnock and Walker prevail in the runoff for the final Senate seat in Georgia

In the Atlanta region, the weather was chilly and rainy.
The race for the state's first African-American senator, Warnock, and Walker, a former University of Georgia football star and political novice supported by former President ...
...Donald Trump, engaged in a bitter fight in the runoff election. Warnock was also the senior minister of the Atlanta church where Martin Luther King Jr. preached.
Walker's victory, however, might signal Democratic weakness, especially in light of the fact that Republicans won all other statewide elections in Georgia last month.
However, he chose Warnock over Herschel Walker because he didn't believe Walker had the qualifications to serve as a senator.
Callaway said, "I didn't think he had a clear statement of what he really believed in or had a campaign that made sense.
According to Warnock, they are aware that this race is based on character and competence.
Walker also predicted victory and compared the election to his leading Georgia to the 1980 national championship: "I love winning championships" ...
...According to their most recent federal disclosures, Warnock's campaign spent about $170 million on the campaign, ...
...far outpacing Walker's nearly $60 million. Democratic and Republican party committees, as well as other political action ...
...committees, have spent even more. For months, the senator centered on his role as senior pastor of Atlantis Baptist Church.
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