“We’re getting married because she needs a visa”: Veibae hilariously calls off ‘engagement’ with Sodapoppin

Streamers Sodapoppin and Veibae shared a hilarious joke together on their latest stream, pretending to call off an imaginary engagement.
Thomas "Sodapoppin" Morris has been playing League of Legends with his friend Veibae, a streamer that uses a virtual model as their persona.
During their latest stream together, Soda returns to his desk to find that Veibae was made aware of him being unfaithful in their "relationship."
Another person on the call asked what the engagement was for, which Soda cleverly responded to, keeping the joke going
Sodapoppin and Veibae pretend to fight over calling off "engagement"
Veibae then tries to say something, but Soda starts rambling on about how he is going to hurt her.
Veibae then finally got out what she wanted to say, proclaiming that the 'engagement' was off and then dropping what sounded like an actual ring onto her desk for maximum effect.
Soda then continues his rant about how he's going to hurt her
Users on Reddit shared their reactions to the clip, with some wondering if the two have been dating since they've spent so much time together recently.
Since the two have been streaming so often together, it's safe to assume that more funny clips like this will be coming in the near future, and it seems like the fans have no objections.
Sodapoppinn has over 3.2 million followers on Twitch and is associated with NRG Esports.