WhenRussiaimplodes,Putinispreparingtoleave,anex-aideclaimsWhenRussiaimplodes,Putinispreparingtoleave,anex-aideclaimsGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

When Russia implodes, Putin is preparing to leave, an ex-aide claims

The leader's entourage hasn't ruled out that he will lose the war, be removed from power, and need to urgently evacuate somewhere, according ...
...to Gallyamov. As the name implies, it's about a search for new land to go to in case it becomes completely uncomfortable in the homeland.
Putin's inner circle initially considered a plan to flee to China, according to Gallyamov, but later decided against it because they believed there was little chance of "cooperation" from the Chinese, especially ...
...given how much they despise "losers." Now, he said, the focus has shifted to either Argentina or Venezuela, with Putin ally Igor Sechin currently in charge of organizing an evacuation for the latter nation.
According to that report, those in lower positions in the presidential administration and the Russian government are attempting to settle in Ecuador, Paraguay, and Argentina.
Particularly, a source was cited as saying, Russian officials have seized property on Margarita Island in Venezuela, where they are confident they won't be subject to extradition.
According to the source, Margarita Island in Venezuela serves as their neighborhood Courchevel, likening the potential Kremlin hideout to the well-known French Alps ski resort.
Gallyamov acknowledged that he was lacking more information, but he claimed that the mere existence of an evacuation plan is sufficient to comprehend that, when ...
...they claim that "everything is going according to plan," it is important to clarify which plan they are referring to because they appear to have several.
Numerous reports of draftees leaving their bases in large numbers after their complaints about subpar supplies and equipment went unanswered have surfaced in recent weeks.
As a result of the increasing number of soldiers' relatives publicly criticizing the so-called "special military operation," some experts ...
...have even speculated that it might be the beginning of a full-fledged civil war. According to Putin, however, everything is fine.
Putin continued by praising the annexation of new Ukrainian territory (while omitting to mention that Ukraine has already reclaimed some of ...
...them) and provided a ominous outlook on the likelihood of a nuclear conflict before stating that the war would likely be a "long process."
Why deny it when the threat is growing?