Which songs are still very popular nowadays on social media?

You've probably heard it everywhere. In three years, Jack Harlow went from zero to a rap icon and he highlighted that journey in his song. Harlow also showed how glamorous he is with his lyrics.
Jack harlow
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Beyoncé nailed it again and the numbers spoke for themselves as her album took the number one spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart in September.
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Kendrick Lamar
It was everything fans had been waiting for in the five-year gap after his last album. Lamar's combative lyrics were a complete work of art, fans appreciated.
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This was the very definition of virality, Lizzo was at her best loving self. Created to bring out the best in fans. Lizzo proved to be fun, flirty and smart as we've always seen her.
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This song was so special and so sentimental to Harry. For a song expressing both loneliness and changing relationships, you couldn't help but turn it up when listening to it.
Harry Styles
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