While deliberating, the Trump Org jury seeks clarificationWhile deliberating, the Trump Org jury seeks clarificationGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

While deliberating, the Trump Org jury seeks clarification

Tuesday, the jury came back to the courtroom twice with inquiries in an effort to review some of the charges in the intricate, data-heavy case.
They first requested that the judge read back three counts of falsifying business records in connection with the preparation of W-2 tax forms for longtime Trump Organization finance chief Allen Weisselberg.
The annotations were found on entries that showed Trump paying Weisselberg's grandchildren's private school tuition.
Following a month-long trial that included testimony from seven witnesses, including Weisselberg and Senior Vice President and Controller Jeffrey McConney, the deliberations have begun.
The jury deliberated on Monday for about four hours. A third witness was an outside accountant who spent years preparing tax returns for Trump and the business.
Weisselberg, who admitted to evading taxes on $17 million in extras, testified that he and McConney planned to conceal ...
...Weisselberg's income by deducting the cost of the extras from his pre-tax pay and issuing forged W-2 forms.
The Trump Organization is accused by the prosecution on eight and nine counts, respectively, for each of its two subsidiaries, Trump Corporation and Trump Payroll Corporation.
Jurors must decide whether Weisselberg was a "high managerial agent" acting for the business, as the prosecution claims, or if he was acting solely for his own benefit, as the Trump Organization's attorneys argue.
Weisselberg testified against the business in return for a five-month jail sentence, so it is important to determine if he intended to increase the company's profits as well as his own.
The Trump Organization's lawyers claim that Weisselberg acted independently, without the knowledge of Trump or the Trump family, despite the fact that other executives were also accused of evading taxes on company perks.
In an effort to disprove that assertion, the prosecutor's Joshua Steinglass presented the jury with a lease that Trump had signed for Weisselberg's rent-free ...
...apartment and a memo that Trump had initialed authorizing a pay cut for another executive who received benefits during his closing argument last week.