World Cup fans put off by prices, beer limits commute by airWorld Cup fans put off by prices, beer limits commute by airGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

World Cup fans put off by prices, beer limits commute by air

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Travel at this World Cup was supposed to be easy in the tiny host nation of Qatar, after fans had to take long flights between cities at the last three tournaments.
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A photo shows "Fan village", supporters' lodging cabin facility, in Doha, Qatar on November 15, 2022. Hotels in Qatar ...
... are expensive, so cheap container accommodation has been set up.( The Yomiuri Shimbun via AP Images ) (CNN)
Security guards at Doha World Cup park claim they are paid just 35p an hour (The Guardian)
Every few minutes, a Boeing or Airbus rumbles overhead Doha's old airport.
The concept of air shuttles isn't new to the Gulf, where many who live and work in ultraconservative Saudi Arabia or dry Kuwait hop over to Dubai for the weekend to drink freely and have fun in the glittering metropolis.
Saudi Arabia players celebrate their shock win. (CNN)
'We are all Mahsa': Iranians in Doha for World Cup voice anger at regime (The Guardian)
“We wanted to stay for five days in Doha. But it was too expensive. We didn't want those weird fan zones," said Ana Santos, a Brazilian fan arriving at Doha's airport on Thursday with her husband.
“In Dubai, we found a fancy hotel for not too much money. On Thursday, Qataris in traditional dress passed out juicy ...
Soccer Fans enjoy World Cup from a distance at Dubai festival (REUTERS)
...dates and Arabic coffee to arriving fans who cheered and snapped photos while draped in their national flags.
Other fans on shuttle flights were turned off by Qatar's alcohol restrictions.
Moments from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 (New York Post)
“We want to have a Dubai experience. That's more interesting for us," said Bernard Boatengh Duah, a doctor from western Ghana ...
Soccer-Portugal ready to let their football do the talking against Ghana (REUTERS)
...who bought an all-inclusive Dubai hotel package that gives him match-day flights, as well as unlimited food and alcohol.
Kings of the underground: the last coal miners of Wales (The Guardian)
“These are long days. It's exhausting,” said Steven Carroll, a lab technician from Wales, whose flight back to Dubai was delayed an hour, returning him to his Dubai hotel worn-out at 4.a.m after a 24-hour day.
How to say Qatar DV 1 (CNN)
“The problem is you have to arrive in Qatar a good while before the match and you have to allow even more time to go through the airport.”
“The logistics of this whole system are very complicated for people,” he said. Fans sleeping in the island kingdom enjoy no such easy flights.
This World Cup is wired and fueled by AI (The Washington Post)
“This region is not always convenient," he said.