You'll be floored by Anderson Cooper's comparison of Donald TrumpYou'll be floored by Anderson Cooper's comparison of Donald TrumpGiphy GIFGiphy GIF

You'll be floored by Anderson Cooper's comparison of Donald Trump

The twice-impeached former president has decided to assassinate the Constitution because he is sick of losing.
Trump desires to burn the Constitution
On Monday, Anderson Cooper made a joke that gave the reports of CNN becoming more impartial and less opinionated the body check they needed.
After Donald Trump called for suspending portions of the Constitution and possibly being reinstalled as president, the "Anderson Cooper 360" anchor made an outrageous comparison.
Republicans continue to be wary of criticizing Trump because of the possible fallout from his supporter base, Democratic strategist David Axelrod said during the program.
Cooper remarked, "It's like having a drunk relative who yells out obscenities or incredibly inappropriate things, and you don't know what to do about him so people ...
...just ignore him." Cooper continued, "Soon he'll be wandering around with an onion tied to his belt, talking about [how] movies used to cost a nickel."
There's no doubt about it; I just felt the need to say that. Also, Cooper deserves praise for making the Simpsons' onion-belt reference.
The allegedly overhyped revelation was used by Trump to launch yet another illogical tirade about how the competition had been stolen from him that year.
The former president wrote online on Monday that a fraud of this size and scope permits the termination of all laws, treaties, and other documents, including the Constitution.