"Zara vs Shein" the little game that encourages users to buy more and cheaper

Ultra fast-fashion is not dead, on the contrary, it is better than ever.
The Chinese fashion giant Shein has never been so strong with a total valuation of $100 billion this month and further accelerations with some viral trends
Here are some reasons for its success
Its ability to spot trends and through haul videos that make teenage girls addicted. Proof of the brand's ever-growing popularity with the challenge "Zara vs. Shein."
The brand war will take place
Shein does not only reproduces creations from small creators or designers but also fast-fashion brands such as the Spanish giant Zara.
The viral challenge on Tiktok between Zara and Shein consist of showing a Zara piece and its copy Shein and the price difference.
The formula works well since both Zara and Shein tags accumulates almost 35 million views on Tiktok.
Influencers such as , Awilda and LuCinia Tomas have content which are very compatible with the algorithm, their videos collect thousands of likes.
With Shein's unbeatable prices, many female buyers under 30 years old quickly forget the environmental cost related to the manufacturing conditions of its clothes.
The cost of fast fashion
A study by Bazaarvoice, shows that 74% women declare to be against the ephemeral fashion while 50% women admited to be seduced by the attractive prices.